CPAP/BIPAP Equipment Choice List


Dear Patient and Family:

Your physician has ordered/recommended a Respiratory Assist Device (CPAP/BIPAP) after you leave the hospital.

St. Vincent`s Durable Medical Equipment, which is owned in part by St. Vincent`s Health System, can provide the services or supplies ordered/recommended by your provider.

You have the right to select any provider to provide the care ordered/recommended by your physician. This is your choice.


Patient or Family, please check one of the following:




In compliance with our policy, the absence of an affirmative choice by the patient or representative, the default is to the ST. VINCENT`S DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.








List the best number for the Provider to use when contacting you:



Patient or Responsible Party (State Relationship)                        Date




St. Vincent`s Sleep Disorders Center Representative                  Date

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