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Payment Authorization for Automatic Payments

Our financial policy requires patients to have a form of payment on file to satisfy any patient responsibility. If you have provided insurance coverage to us, we will bill your insurance company with the necessary information. The balance remaining after insurance has been applied is your responsibility, including insurance deductible amounts. Our office will send an invoice to you once your patient balance is determined. The credit or bank account listed below will be automatically charged on the due date specified on your next invoice.

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I authorize St. Vincent's St. Clair Sleep Center to execute transactions on the above account. I consent to the use of the above payment method without my signature on the individual transactions in satisfying my obligations to St. Vincent's St. Clair Sleep Center. I understand that a photocopy or fax of this agreement will serve as an original, and payment
authorization cannot be revoked unless done so in a 30-day written notice to the provider.

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